Bluegrass jams with James.

Today I Spent several hours with my new friend James. He is a homeless man living on the streets of Mesa, Arizona with nothing but the clothes on his back and a couple things in his backpack.

Even with his situation, James does his best to keep his head high and have a positive outlook on life. His smile and attitude was refreshing and he was a very nice guy from the moment I walked up and introduced myself.

I told him a little about my blog, and asked if we could sit down for a meal together. His face lit up, he seemed excited to get a proper meal and to have some company for awhile.

If you can’t provide money or food for people in need, friendship and conversation is  just as important sometimes.

James was adopted when he was still a baby. The people that took him in as there own son were loving and cared deeply for him. James loves them as his own parents and had nothing but good things to say about them both. His adopted father died around 9 years ago but he is still close with his adopted mother and remains in contact as much as possible. She even wires him money monthly for him to have a cheap cell phones she can know he is ok.

After years of hard drug use after his father died James’s body has taken a toll. The doctor’s said his heart is in horrible condition and gave him only a 40% chance to live past another two years.

He doesn’t use drugs anymore but the damage has already been done.

We talked a lot about our lives today. Places we’ve travelled, Jobs we’ve worked. He is a very interesting person and has worked in many different industries.

James introduced me to some of his favorite bluegrass players and I am so grateful he did! I’ve been listening to the artists he showed me that night and have fallen in love with their music. “Chris Thile and “Michael Daves” are among my favorite. If you haven’t heard of them, do yourself a favor and look them up.

It got time for me to go and I left James with a new Bible and some words of encouragement. He was grateful for the food and fellowship we shared together.

Pray for James, that he can beat the doctors words and live a longer, happier life.




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