Are those Puka shells bruh?! – John ( Oct. 22, 2017)

Today I had the pleasure of meeting John. He is a 27 year old homeless man who lives on the streets in Mesa, AZ. I saw him standing in the heat flying a sign and decided to grab us some food and get to know him a little bit. I could tell he wasn’t much older than I as I drove by him for the first time. I started wondering what it must feel like not knowing where your next meal might come from… The least I could do was show this man some kindness.

He was born and raised here in Arizona. His mother left when he was very young due to his fathers alcohol problem. His dad raised John and his brother, but he definitely wasn’t “Father of the year”.

In his teen years John acted out in different ways and got sent to a military school in another state. Although it was tough, John said it was good for him and taught him many life lessons his father had neglected to pass on.

John eventually got into construction as an adult and learned how to do electrical work. He had a solid job, a place of his own and a girlfriend he cared for. John’s girlfriend got pregnant and ended up leaving him with no information on where she was going or what was happening to the child. He wanted to be apart of his kids life. He wanted to be the dad he never had but that was all shattered when she left.

John later found out that his child was given up for adoption by the mother. At that point it was too late for him to step in with any legal rights. It was a devastating blow that left John mentally broken. That same month he was let go from work and evicted from his home. At that point he had no drive to even try and better his life. I can’t really blame him..

He’s been on the streets for months but told me he’s ready to try and get his life back together. He has been looking into different programs around the area that can help provide him with work and eventually and place to stay. John isn’t a bad person and I am not trying to portray him as such. He’s an average human like anyone of us. Just going through some very very tough times.

Johns bag was stolen two nights before I met him. It had his wallet and bible and basically everything he owned. It wasn’t much.. but to him, it was literally everything. He was stoked to see the new Bible I had for him. He seemed excited to have the word of God to read again. That’s the ONLY thing that I could imagine would get me through times like that. Hope and faith in Jesus Christ.

Although we ALL fall astray at times, God never forgets or looses sight of us. We are all loved and accepted in His eyes. No matter what our situation. Pray for John and God bless.



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