You’ve got a friend in me- Shane ( Aug. 15, 2017)

I wonder how many opportunities to make a difference we just pass up. Maybe we are simply to focused on our own lives to see the chance presented in front of us. The other day as I was driving around, God put me in the right place at the right time to impact someones life. I’m grateful I was given this chance.

I saw a man on the street corner sitting down with a sign next to him asking for money. This man looked broken spiritually. He was wiping tears from his eyes as he sat there in the scorching sun and I immediately knew I needed to see if I could help.

Shane was the man’s name and he had quite the story to tell me. Only 23 days ago, Shane was released from prison after doing a 20 year sentence. I won’t go into detail about the reason he was there that is irrelevant. He says his stay in prison gave him lots of time to think and read. He read the Bible many, many times and is very knowledgable about the scripture.

Shane was raised in the foster care system in Detroit, Michigan. He has no family or friends ANYWHERE that he knows of. He told me the only person that would know he was missing if he were to die would be his parol officer. Shane opened up to me and told me how lonely and broken he felt. Before I stopped, he hadn’t had a actual conversation with anyone since getting out of prison . He was so lonely and depressed the last few nights, Suicide had crossed his mind many times.  Even though knowing this is a sin in God’s eyes, he figured at least this would end his current situation and hopefully bring him home to the Lord.

Shane told me If I hadn’t stopped and talked with him like I did, he was going to take this option. Just the fact that I took the time to show him compassion had lifted his spirits and given him some hope for the future. He demeanor was completely different by the time we parted ways. I gave Shane a ride to the bus stop after talking with him for hours. He took my number so he can call me from a payphone in a couple of days to check in with me.

What could have been the outcome if I didn’t take the opportunity God presented to me? It makes me wonder what other key chances in life I have passed up because my head was to far up my own ass. Do yourself a favor, pay more attention to God working in your life. Pull your own head out… the air is much nicer out here:)

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