Anything Helps – Bill ( Aug. 6, 2017)

It’s an amazing thing to realize how many kind people there are in the world. We walk by strangers every day without ever thinking twice about who they are or what kind of lives they have lived. On the other hand we also spend a lot of time judging people based on nothing but their outward appearance.

When you see someone with tattoos and piercings all over do you judge them a certain way? What about a homeless person with worn and tattered clothes? It’s easy to say “NO, NO! I don’t judge others by how they look”. If we’re all honest with ourselves, I think we can agree we are all guilty of this at sometime or other. I know I am.

Do yourself a favor and quit judging people on how they look. You’d be surprised at how genuine and kind some of these people we overlook everyday can be.

Today I had the pleasure of meeting Bill. He was as kind and friendly as can be. Bill and I talked for about an hour. He is also a Christian and thanks God everyday for what little things he does have. Bill suffers from “degenerative bone disease” which is slowly crippling and weakening his body. The only way he is able to get around really is with his bicycle that he’s pieced together with parts found in trash bins. He is told within five years he will most likely be confined to a wheelchair.

Bill was very smart and knew a lot about mechanics and how things work. His face lit up while talking about different projects and cars he’s worked on in the past. He doesn’t abuse drugs anymore but admitted he use to struggle with addiction in his earlier years. Bill enjoys spending time aiding others and being somewhat of a mentor to other homeless people. He told me he’s given his last couple of dollars to others on the street’s many times, and is always willing to help.

On most days I would have just passed this man holding on sign on the corner and not think twice. Today I decided to stop, and I’m glad I did. I saw the love of Jesus in Bill and it was rejuvenating meeting a man like him. I was able to give him a new Bible and a hygiene bag made by my loving family with different essentials he can use on the street. This small gesture of friendship made both of our days. Stop and think before you judge others it’s amazing what can become of it.

   Acts 20:35   "By all these things, I have shown you that by working in this way we must help the weak, and remember the words of the Lord Jesus that he himself said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'





    1. Thank you so much:) I love hearing positive feedback. I’m glad I found your blog as well. God has a way of bringing people and certain situations together doesn’t He? God bless you and your family as well, have a great week


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