All out of Bullshit – Alexander ( July 30, 2017)

Realizing how truly blessed in life I am has helped me to understand that giving back to the less fortunate is not only the right thing to do, but a great way to share Jesus.

I came across Alexander today as I was heading home from work. It was 107 degrees out and he was on the corner holding a sign. I asked if I could grab him some food and a drink and hang out for a bit. We have never met before but Alex was extremely grateful and welcomed me to sit and talk.

I learned that he plays guitar, drums and a bit of keyboards as well. Alex was born and raised here in Arizona. He dropped out of high school after the 10th grade and worked for Arby’s and later Zia Records. Unfortunately Alexander started using drugs which soon took over his life.

Because of his addiction he has been homeless for around three years now. Alex was completely open and honest about his struggles and why he is where he is today. Although he’s not proud of his current situation, he’s man enough to realize his mistakes. I can tell in his heart he wants to make things right again. His drug habits have effected relationships with his family and the people closest to him. His family still lives here in Arizona. They see him often but because of his lifestyle choose not to support him anymore. It’s the “tough love” approach if you will. A hard decision to make for his loving parents but I believe it’s the right call for now.

Alexander still struggles with his addiction from time to time but has been improving dramatically. I hope and pray that he soon will beat this disease and get back on the right track. I know with courage and the strength of God, ANYTHING can be overcome.

We had a lot in common Alex and I. We both have struggles in life, we are both sinners, but most importantly we are both saved by the same blood of Jesus Christ. Both forgiven of our sins by the same Savior. Alex had recently lost his Bible but I was able to give him a new one. He was excited to read it and told me before I came he was having a pretty bad day. He told me our time together had changed his attitude. He definitely had a big impact on me as well.



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