The simplicity of kindness – Benjamin ( July 16, 2017)

Sometimes the simplest things can change someone’s day, week and even life. It doesn’t take a monumental task to make a huge impact. If nothing else, make someone smile or feel loved.

Today I offered to sit down with a homeless man and buy him lunch. He was standing on the corner holding a sign when I first saw him. He introduced himself as Benjamin.

Benjamin has only been on the streets for around 8 months. He has a lovely wife and two kids. Ben used to work on cell towers before the company he worked for lost a large contract with Sprint. Along with many other people Benjamin was let go and without a job.

After losing his only form of income, the bills became to much to handle and they lost their home. Thankfully the wife of Ben, has a sister here who lives here in Arizona. They were able to move in with until they could get back on their feet. Even though it was a tiny apartment with two full families trying to live in the little space, they were happy to have a roof over their heads.

The relief didn’t last long, apparently tenants around the complex complained about so many people being in one apartment. The landlord said Ben and his family had to leave since they were not on the lease. Thankfully Benjamin convinced the owner of the complex to let his kids stay because of their situation.

They still see their children whenever they can and are doing whatever it takes to get jobs. Ben and his wife pray every day that God will change their lives for the better. They realize that even though their situation is not nearly ideal, God never forgets us and always has a plan. It hurts my heart to know that there are nice people out there like Ben and his wife living on the streets.

These kind people DONT abuse alcohol, they are NOT addicted to drugs.. They had a tragedy happen. It’s something that could happen to You or I at any given time without warning. Give thanks to God for what you have, it could all be gone tomorrow. Benjamin was extremely thankful for our conversation and the motivation I gave him. I also left him with a new Bible so he can always have the word of God close by.

The reason I do this each week is to Show people Jesus. I’ve been asked many times why Im out there in the heat, spending time with people I don’t know. The honest answer is… that’s what my savior Jesus Christ would be doing if he were here.  The cool thing is, he is still here! in the hearts of everyone who accepts him. Go out and spread Love, when you do this, you will never be alone.



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