Texas hospitality ( Jason- July 11, 2017)

If you live here in Chandler, Arizona you might have seen this man on the streets holding a sign asking for help. Today I had the pleasure of meeting him, his name is Jason.

Jason is 43 years old but looks at carries himself like he’s in his thirties. He has been homeless here in Arizona for roughly 12 years. After a divorce from his wife he moved here from the great state of Texas. Jason said it was easier to get away from everything back home, then to stay there and be around all his old memories. So he came out here to the desert, to live with his sister who had a home here.

His sister must not have been the best influence at the time because she soon got arrested and put in prison. Jason was left taking care of his niece and nephew at the house. The bills and responsibilities that were placed on him became to much and they lost the home they were in. The kids went to live with relatives in other states and Jason was without a place to stay.

He decided to just live on the streets for awhile until he could find a good job and get a place of his own. From what I’ve seen after meeting these different individuals from my blog, once you start living on the streets, it’s extremely difficult to get off. Jason doesn’t struggle with drugs or alcohol, but say’s no one will even consider him because of his situation and not much provable work history.

Jason was raised in a religious home and is very faithful to God. Even with his current situation, he was smiling and talking with me like he was a rich man. His positive attitude and love for the Lord was inspiring.

ONE THING in life can completely turn your world around for the worse. The way you react to these trauma’s is what will help you succeed, or break you down. Although Jason is not where he wants to be in life financially, he keeps his head up and faith in Jesus strong.

Pray for Jason tonight, that he is safe and can soon find a solid Job. If you see him out on the streets, give the man a drink! it’s hot as hell out there.. 😉


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