Soldier of Christ. Larry ( June 12, 2017)

On my way home from work on monday, I set out to find a random person to do something kind for with the intention of receiving nothing in return. I don’t claim to do this for my own glory or because I’m such a great guy, because the truth is… without Jesus, I wouldn’t have the courage or drive to share this love. Id like to think I would, but I know deep down without God’s love, I myself would be lost.

While driving around along the streets I usually migrate towards because of the heavy homeless population, I saw a man pushing a cart, and perched on top, was a beautiful pit bull. The two were obviously without a place to stay so I pulled over and approached the them.

I learned the man’s name was Larry and his dog who was on his cart is named “Baby”. Right from our first words I could tell Larry was a kind person. I offered to buy him some dinner and he graciously accepted, telling me he was “very hungry” and hadn’t eaten much that day. I came back with food for Larry as well as a can of food for his dog Baby. Larry keeps his dogs food supply fully stocked with dry food but she definitely enjoyed getting a special treat that day:)

Larry was at one point married and has kids, but seemed reluctant to talk about it, so I didn’t push the subject. After talking with Larry for awhile I learned what an awesome guy he really is. Larry was in the army and although I forget his actual job title I remember him saying he had to jump out of many, many planes ( Which I thought was badass).

After years in the army Larry finished his time of service and became a civilian. He told me he has P.T.S.D from his many years in the Army and struggles to conform to the normal routine of an every day American life. I can’t imagine it’s easy going from being an active duty personal and transitioning right back into the normal flow of things back home.

Larry Say’s that after being on the street’s for years and unable to function in society productively he feels broken, physically, mentally and emotionally. Some days he asks God to bring him home to be with Jesus because it’s hard for him to find hope here on earth. One thing that keeps him going is his dog Baby.

I offered Larry a new Bible, he put on a big smile and said ” Of course! i’d love a new sword!, how else am I supped to battle the ememy?”. I thought it was so cool he called the Bible a sword, that’s what it is to us isn’t it? It’s our defense against the ememy… A.K.A satan, and what a powerful tool it is!

I might not agree with all the decisions Larry makes in his life and I’d encourage him to make some changes. I do know that us talking was encouraging, for both him and I. I know we both learned and took something special away form our encounter. He told me that he was praying for something good to happen to him the night I met him. Larry said his prayers were answered by me meeting him and giving him food, money and most importantly encouragement and a reminder that Jesus does not Tap out, so neither should we. Enjoy your week and show people Jesus through your own kindness, the world needs it.




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