Driving around with Tom

Today before I went into work at around 1, I drove around looking for a random stranger to do something kind for. God brought me to Tom today. I drove around for only several miles before I saw Tom standing on the corner asking for money. I walked up to this man I had never met, with the intensions on buying him some lunch and talking about life and the struggles he has.

He looked hot and tired as I walked up and introduced myself. I asked if I could buy Tom some food and hang out with him for a bit. Tom seemed very appreciative of my offer but told me someone had just given him some pizza about an hour before I arrived. Instead I drove to the gas station and got us some cold drinks and a little bit of cash to leave with Tom.

Tom is 27 years old and was born and raised here in Arizona. He went to skyline high and loves to play the drums and guitar, his favorite music is Metal. Tom has Two kids who are 4 and 7. He is not married but still try’s to work things out with their mom for the sake of the kids. Because of his situation Tom hasn’t spoken with his kids in two weeks and misses them dearly he says.

He worked with his step father until his dad recently passed away of cancer. He told me life kind of went downhill from there.. After his father died they received no insurance money and were in dire need of money for the family. They sold All his fathers tools to hopefully provide, but Toms mother ended up spending most of the money on pills. Once he walked in on his mother overdosed on the couch and had to give her CPR to revive her.  Tom also turned to drugs for an escape from his fathers death. Thats the main reason he is unable to find work.

Thomas asked me if I could give him a ride down to his friends house a couple miles away and so we hopped in my truck and started to drive. I wasn’t worried or threatened in any way, Tom seemed super chill and was  very kind hearted. We got to his friends house and no one was home. We drove another couple of miles into mesa towards another place Tom knew he could stay at. That person wasn’t home either, we literally drove around for about 45 minutes to different apartment complex’s and even some hidden spots by buildings looking for Toms friends, but found NO ONE!! After about an hour of driving and talking about life and different problems we’ve faced he finally had me drop him off by the freeway. We said our goodbyes and I headed into work.

Im not sure what Tom will do with the money I gave him, maybe spend it on drugs, maybe buy a bus ticket or food, who knows. What matters is that he had a good couple of hours and maybe our conversation sparked some fire in his heart to get back on his feet. No matter the outcome, I got to talk with Tom about Jesus and his never changing love for us. We are called to spread Gods love on this earth and be kind to one another.  Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, and the smallest acts of kindness can have HUGE impacts on peoples lives. Pray for Tom and his family tonight, they seem like great people going through very difficult times. Put yourself in Toms shoes and imagine what its like sleeping on the streets, life isn’t as bad as we often think. God is bigger than ANY problems we have, never forget him like he never forgets you. Be kind to others and spread Gods word through kindness and love.



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