The famous Mr. Bruce ( Mar. 28, 2017)

This is Bruce. I’ve seen Bruce standing on the same corner probably fifty times or so, but today I had the pleasure of talking with him over some much needed cold drinks. Unfortunately Bruce couldn’t eat the food I brought him because of a special diet he is on for his illness’s, but he pointed out his friend “Chumley” on the other side of the overpass. Bruce said Chumley would love to have it ( Chumley came walking up right as I was leaving and was very greatful for the food). Thanks to my wonderful family I was also able to give Bruce a bag with essential bathroom supplies and a picture colored by my amazing nephew Jakob (thanks fam). Bruce is 64 years old and came to Arizona about 9 years ago from Virginia. His real parents passed away and he was adopted along with another girl into a family. Bruce has spinal bifida and has been unable to have a normal job since he was young. It also kept him from having kids and joining the navy like he wanted. Bruce has five different types of cancer and is on government aid but still unable to get the proper medication he needs. He has to decide between a place to live and putting money towards much needed treatment and medicine. When we were talking today around lunch time, Bruce had only collected four dollars…FOUR DOLLARS!! that’s nothing compared to what we are given, and take for granted every single day. Be happy and appreciate what you have. Be kind to others and share God’s love through random acts. Pray for Bruce, that he may find some comfort is his pain and perhaps one day a permanent home to live.

“Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that someone might do the same for you”
-Princess Diana

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