Magic man Josh. ( April 27, 2017 )

Today I woke up feeling excited and blessed to be able to go out and interact with someone I’ve never met. I grabbed my Bible and hygiene bag (made by my amazing family) to give to the person I would meet, and headed out the door. It wasn’t long before I saw a young man standing on the corner doing what looked like some sort of performance for passerbys in their vehicles. I knew this was going to be a fun interaction, I’ve never seen anyone do anything but hold up a sign asking for some help. I parked my car and approached who I now know to be as Joshua. Unfortunately he didn’t want his face to be shown so I had to take this picture as I drove away. I told Joshua about what I do weekly and asked if I could buy him some lunch from anywhere he liked. Joshua had just finished eating and graciously declined the offer. I did however give Joshua some cash he could use for whatever he needed. The only way he would take the money though, is if he let me watch him do a couple magic tricks. How cool! I got to spread some kindness and see a show in one sitting! Joshua pulled some cards out of a big bag that read “magic show” and proceeded to show me several tricks that were actually really impressive. Not only is Joshua a great magician but also a comedian and plays the mandolin as well. Joshua is in his late 20’s and grew up in Minnesota. After dropping out of high school at 16, he had worked several odd jobs including working on the oil fields and being a “lumberjack” as he called it. After getting burnt out on working for someone else and going through the same motions every day, Joshua decided to leave everything behind and hit the road! He told me he prefers only having a bag, stick, and handkerchief. “That’s all he needs” he says. Joshua has travelled to many different states and even several other countries on his “journey”. He’s been in Arizona for a while now off and on, and is sometimes able to stay at different friends houses he’s come to know here in AZ. Joshua was extremely intelligent, like really, this dude was a genius and somewhat of a philosopher from what I gathered. We talked for around 2 hours! We talked about many different things and a lot about spirituality and how the world works. I learned a lot from Joshua and I hope I was able to leave him with something as well. He’s avid about permaculture, and how we can better the environment for the future. He knew loads of information about different methods on building gardens and sustaining agriculture. I was extremely surprised about how much Joshua knew about the Bible, he must have quoted no less than twenty different scriptures during our talk. He was full of wisdom and I was all ears. When he can, Joshua loves to be around nature and go on long trails for miles and miles. Although he seemed content with the life he chose, Joshua said he wouldn’t wish his lifestyle on anyone. It’s not for the faint of heart and can sometimes be lonely. He mentioned several times how he has three rules he lives by 1. Always be his own boss 2. Always have a way out, and 3. Spread joy and be merry wherever he goes. I had a fantastic time talking with Josh and getting to know him was a pleasure I don’t think I’ll ever forget. I can honesty say I made a new friend today and even now know where he stays most of the time so I can see him again soon. Even though Joshua has his life together more so than most of the people I connect with on my #SELFLESSSELFIE campaign, he still could use some kindness and love in his life, we all could… I look forward to seeing Joshua again and ask,if you’re reading this to pray for him to have a safe trip and to be able to spread his wisdom of the Bible to all those he comes in contact with.
It’s not hard to do nice things for people or even just share some kindness but IT IS easy to get wrapped up in our own lives, and forget about those around us. Imagine if we all did that? The world would be a pretty lonely place. Share love without the hope of something in return. Spread joy and kindness and like Joshua says “Be merry wherever you go”.

Matthew 4:19 “Come, follow me” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men”.

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