Keepin it real with Kevin ( April 20, 2017)

This is my new friend Kevin. Today I saw Kevin standing on a corner very close to my house holding a sign and asking for money or food. I pulled over and approached Kevin asking him if I could buy him some lunch and talk with him for a bit. Kevin asked graciously asked if I could get him something small from Taco Bell and a drink as well. When I returned Kevin and I crossed the street and found some shade to sit down and chat. First off Kevin is an awesome dude! He’s 42 years old, but looks way younger in person. He also loves to skateboard and snowboard but hasn’t been able to do so for years. He was born here in Arizona and the only child in his family. Kevin’s parents neglected him since he was very young and he told me he basically had to raise himself. After finishing high school, Kevin and a friend of his moved up to “Gold Canyon” Colorado to get away from his not so fond life back here in AZ. While in Colorado Kevin found interest in becoming a firefighter for the forest service. After spending about a year training to get his dream job, something very unfortunate happened. Due to new regulations and laws about requirements for the Job Kevin was now very under qualified. It would have taken a lot more training and even schooling to now get the job he so desired. He was devastated, he worked so hard, thinking he would soon be working in the field. This news hit Kevin so hard for some reason he basically said “Screw it” (sorry for the language) gave up on his dream and hit the road. He has been traveling all around ever since and hasn’t looked back. Although Kevin doesn’t have a home, or much of anything for that matter, he’s content with life. He says although its not glamorous he actually is ok with the lifestyle he lives. We talked about different authors we enjoy and told each other random stories from our lives. I was able to bring some joy into Kevins life today, he couldn’t thank me enough and said how much he enjoyed our conversation. I gave Kevin a new Bible and a hygiene bag made by my wonderful family, a little cash as well… It doesn’t take much to change someones day, even life. It doesn’t have to be anything materialistic either, a simple hello or friendly smile can make all the difference. Pray that Kevin is Safe in whatever he decides to do with his life, and if you see him on the corner, say hello. Be kind to others and change peoples lives one small act at a time, Its what Jesus would do.

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