Be the light in the shadow. ( Mar 16, 2017)

Today I had the pleasure of having lunch with my new friend Shadoe. Shadoe has been in Arizona for a couple months now looking for work. He came here with his wife in a motor home they had been living in for several years. Shadoe’s wife has a friend here she can stay with, but unfortunately, can’t accommodate both of them. Before coming to Arizona, they had been traveling and working odd jobs when and where they could. They lived in 37 different states in just 6 years! Shadoe has worked on the oil fields in South Dakota, as well as a log liner, and made great money doing so untill he broke his back. He was prescribed an opioid to help with the pain which eventually led to his drug addiction. Both him and his wife have struggled with drugs for the last couple of years which has made it hard to find a steady job. Shadoe is clean now, and goes to clinics to help his addiction. To put in perspective what a nice man Shadoe is, he carries around a large bag full of soaps and different items he  is given and hands them out to other homeless people in need. He also offered me some of the food and drink I got for him today and insisted I ate with him. Shadoe got a new bible today and I hope he will read it and find some hope in Jesus like many others and I have. Don’t judge a book by its cover, I’ve met some of the nicest people on the streets and just because they might look a little different doesn’t mean they aren’t human and could use some kindness and someone to talk to. Shadoe asked if we could pray for his brothers, wife and him. Keep them in mind and remember to be humble and kind to everyone you meet. It’s what Jesus would do.

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