Bomb maker Bob. ( April 13, 2017)

This is Bob. Today as I was looking for someone to talk with, I saw Bob on a corner not a mile from my house holding a sign asking for a little help. I pulled my car into the closest parking lot, approached Bob, and told him a little about my “#selfless selfie” idea and asked him what he wanted from McDonald’s and if I could chat with him for a bit when I returned. He looked up – from literally counting a big pile of pennies – smiled, and said sure “I’ll take a Big Mac, a large Dr Pepper, and fries.” I said “Sure thing buddy.” and shortly returned with his food and a hot fudge Sunday, which was my idea :). We sat in some shade under a tree and began to talk.  He told me about how he was born in Montana but was raised here in Arizona, and even went to Mesa high school growing up. Bob has TWELVE KIDS!! And would’ve had fifteen but they had three miscarriages due to his wife’s drug issues. All of his children are doing well and live throughout the country, he still talks to them as much as possible. Bob himself used to be addicted to crack cocaine for many years. He told me that one day when he was a cab driver (and well into his crack addiction at the time) he heard a voice that said “Bob it’s time to stop”, the voice he knew, was God; and he was telling Bob to quit his bad habit. That day Bob changed and he quit then in there, something inside him clicked, and he knew if he continued like this he would end up dead, and soon. Bob, with Gods strength, stayed clean for the next two weeks until he was able to get into a rehab facility on one of the Indian reservations here in Arizona. After going through his treatment Bob was clean, he conquered his addiction to drugs and became a new person. He has worked as a cab driver, chef, and something I found very interesting is that he worked for a company in Mesa back in the 60’s that made grenades for the Vietnam war. How cool is that?! He said one time somebody stole a case of smoke bombs from the plant and let them all off at an intersection there in Mesa, (those terds!). Bob is married at the moment, but the relationship sounds far from a fairy tale. She even beats Bob and he showed me the scraps and bruises from her, but for whatever reason, Bob still loves her. Oh and did I mention she cheats on him regularly and even has another man living at the small motel room they sleep in when they can! Bob was Short ten dollars for a room when I talked to him, so I gave him the money and a hygiene bag that was made by some of my family members. Bob also took the Bible I offered him, and said he is very religious and appreciates all that God gives him. Even though compared to most of us, what he has is minuscule to say the least. We talked about how no matter where we are in life or what social status we are in, God loves us all the same. The Lord will never forget us, no matter how far we may stray, he is always there with outstretched arms to welcome us home.  Be kind to others, show strangers compassion and love. Smile often and talk to people who need encouragement. It’s what Jesus would do.

“The level of our success is limited only by our imagination and no act of kindness, however small, is ever wasted” -Aesop.

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