#SelflessSelfie “John” ( Feb. 28, 2017)

Today I made a new friend named John. John and I had lunch together after I saw him standing on a street corner holding a sign asking for some help. I was able to give him a new bible to study and some warm food and cold gatorade to drink. John is from New York and has been here in Arizona for 3 years. He has three grown daughters back in New York and an Ex wife he said he’s happy not to talk to anymore. John plans to go to Colorado Springs in the summer and then South Florida for the winter where he enjoys the weather. He is going to hitch hike the whole way, like he’s been doing for years.

John is having issues finding a solid job and steady income and asked if I could have people pray for him. While we were eating and talking John pulled out a book he’s reading called “Jesus calling” (I believe that’s what it was called) it read like a journal and everyday he flips it open to that day’s date for some inspiring and uplifting words. John is an honest man, going through hardships in life like every one of us does. Please pray for John’s safety traveling, and for a steady income in the future. Show kindness to others, the littlest things can inspire something BIG. It’s what Jesus would want.

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