A little help from my friend Alex. ( Feb. 1, 2017)

This is Ryan. Today one of my best friends, Alex Taunton wanted to come with me on this weeks “#Selflessselfie’ after I had told her what a great experience it was. Alex and I brought Ryan a Pizza and a new bible today after seeing him holding a sign on the corner asking for help. Unfortunately we were right by the main road so we couldn’t stay and talk as long as we wanted, it was hard to hear Ryan sometimes with his soft, quiet voice and the traffic passing by just feet away. From what Alex and I did learn from our somewhat brief conversation with him, was that he is truly, a genuine and nice person.

Ryan has been in Arizona for around 30 years, and came here from southern California a’while back. He’s been married twice and has no children. Ryan has been struggling to find a job for a while now. He has done work in shipping and receiving, maintenance for McDonald’s and was also a manager at a car wash in Phoenix. Ryan believes in God and has accepted Jesus as his savior so he’s on a “one way ” road to heaven. I’m not sure if he had a bible of his own before today, but he does now. He asked that we pray for him to find a steady job. So please everyone, keep Ryan in your prayers. Be kind to others it’ what Jesus would want.

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