The start of something big. (Feb. 13 2017)

This is Paul. I had the honor of buying Paul lunch and a new bible today. I had the idea awhile back to find a new person every week and share some kindness in their lives with a simple gesture of lunch and the word of God. I was nervous when I got in my car to drive around and find someone. I hadn’t done anything one on one with anyone like this, and especially with a person who I didn’t even know! I prayed the whole time I was driving around. I prayed that God would help me find someone who really needed something uplifting, and maybe to be reminded that God hasn’t forgotten them even in their situation. I also prayed that God would help me with the right words to say, after all,  I was really nervous and afraid I would stumble over my own words. I drove for around ten miles before I saw a man walking along side the entrance to a freeway in Mesa. I pulled into the closest lot and anxiously approached this man who would soon be my new friend.

After talking for around 45 minutes, I learned what a great man he is. Paul’s going through some hard times right now and has been struggling with drugs for many years, he wasn’t always like this though. Paul used to do ministry work actually! He even pulled out his own bible and some signs with different scriptures he enjoys. Paul has a lovely wife “Jasmine” and a beautiful little daughter “Patience”. He hopes to get back in their lives once he gets back on his feet. Paul talked about joining the military today, he thinks it would help him get clean and finally make some real money. Please pray for Paul as well as his wife and daughter. No matter where you are at in life God NEVER forgets you. Keep an eye out for next weeks post and add me on Instagram for some positivity, @selfless__selfie.  Be kind to others, and God bless.

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